Roles of Teachers

• Co-learners and collaborators with the children and not just instructors
• Encouraged to facilitate the child’s learning by planning activities and lessons based on the children’s interests,
• Committed to enhance their understanding of the children
• Maintain an active, mutual participation in the activity to help ensure that the child clearly understands what is being “taught”
• Document children’s work and thoughts through pictures, artwork and transcription of dialogue
• Observe the children’s play to discover their interests, and based on that, connect them with the Alberta Curriculum Framework bringing activities that will develop their skills in various areas such as literacy, fine motor, and numeracy

Role of the Environment

• Integration of each classroom with the rest of the school and the school with the surrounding community
• Ample space for supplies, frequently rearranged to draw attention to aesthetic features
• Presence of large atelier (art room) and clearly designated spaces for large and small-group activities
• Use of photographs and children’s artwork with transcriptions of their thoughts/discussions displayed prominently on the walls
• Use of natural materials such as wooden furniture and toys, and the presence of lights to create a warm and welcoming ambience

Role of Parents

• Encouraged to participate in the school community through volunteering
• Encouraged to take part in discussions about child development concerns, curriculum planning, and child evaluation


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